RLS Sources

Below are some great places to find real life situations. Remember, not everything on these sites will be good to use in TOK, but they are all outstanding spots for real life situations– a knowledge question can be extracted from the vast majority of the stories on these sites.

This page will be updated as new resources are found.

TED Radio Hour– Collects TED talks that have a general theme such as “Identity” or “Do we need humans?”

Intelligent Debates– Brings experts in the field together to debate relevant topics such as “The moral dimensions of area bombing in WWII.”

Radiolab– Examines the intersection of science and society. Highlights include “The Trust Engineers,” which looks at how Facebook scientists are artificially engineering our interactions.

On the Media– A critical look at how the media shapes how we view the world.

Last Week Tonight– Critical commentary on underrepresented societal topics such as televangelists and food waste.

Science Vs– Using science and math to explore ethical problems


Others news sites– places that don’t go as in depth as the above links, but provide more depth than your typical CNN or Yahoo news.

The Atlantic
Aljazeera America
Smithsonian Magazine



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