Intuition, creativity, music, and Annie Clark

 That’s St. Vincent to n00bs


Isolated vocal tracks

How does it change the experience?

Why music matters in schools

Closing the achievement gap

The sense in sad songs

What’s the point of depressing music?

Pour Mme. Mindek

Relationship between psychoanalysis and Random Access Memories, the new Daft Punk album

“”There is a parallel between the brain and hard drives, computers and humans. The idea of fragmentation – another term computer language – also hangs over this record. Throughout the record, we had the impression of being disorganized and following an almost psychoanalytic process where nothing is stored, nor linear. Everything is built around associations of random ideas.”

(translated from French)

Product misplacements

Products given unhelpful placements in movies

Boyz II Men used to increase Russian population

Baby makin’ music

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